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We are currently updating our feedback page, if you would like to contribute please do contact us ! The following is some very old feedback from folk who have put our Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping bags to the test. For more recent feedback please visit our Facebook Page

Ros Savage – Atlantic Rower and Pacific Challenger 2008

Solo Atlantic rowing race complete, Roz set out to row the 7,500 miles across the Pacific. After a huge storm and capsizing 3 times in 24 hours the 2007 attempt was aborted she was taken off her boat by the US Coastguard.

Roz was safely wrapped up in her Ocean Sleepwear bag in her wet cabin while she calmly spoke to the coastguard:

“I strapped myself down to the cabin floor hoping this would stop me ending up on the ceiling should I roll again….the cabin was becoming increasingly wet & unpleasant as both of my hatches leaked while they were submerged, so everything was damp – I was very glad of the waterproof shell on my sleeping bag!” – The Sunday Times 9/9/07

Roz Savage – Ocean Rower
Brian Thompson – Artemis Ocean Racing

“I really enjoyed my bag during the Oryx Cup, so thanks for the new longer bag, I look forward to many 30 min periods luxuriating in it during the Route du Rhum”

Brian Thompson – Artemis Ocean Racing Open 60 in Route du Rhum and Winner of Oryx Quest 2005
Dee Caffari – The first woman in to sail around the world non-stop,
single-handed easterly against the prevailing winds and currents

I already knew just how good the Ocean Sleepwear bag was, having used them on ‘Imagine it. Done’ in the 2004 Global Challenge. It was a bonus knowing that was one piece of kit I did not need to investigate for the solo voyage. ….all it needed was a quick wash and it was ready for another trip. In fact we have both been round the planet twice now – and on the same yacht!

I mostly used it as a waterproof blanket at the chart table, so I could be ready for action whenever needed, as I worried that if I got in it I might not want to get out again.

Dee Caffari – Aviva Challenge
Will Carnegie – Need-a-Sponsor Circumnavigator and life-long sailor

“Having sailed virtually since birth, including a circumnavigation I had come to accept that being wet in my sleeping bag was just part of the “fun” of being in the Southern Ocean, North Atlantic, Bay of Biscay etc etc. However during the 2006 Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race, a lifetime of assumptions was changed forever… My Ocean Sleepwear bag became one of those bits of kit, like a Multitool, Goretex etc that will ALWAYS feature in any offshore race in the future – it made a long wet upwind slog a lot less painful!?”

Will Carnegie – Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race 2006
Jeremy Rocket – Talisman

“After 15 very wet days at sea, in the RORC Round Britain & Ireland Race, I can report that the sleeping bag was amazingly dry and warm. It was constantly wet on the outside, but incredibly warm and dry inside. I ended up sharing it with one of the crew on the opposite watch, who offered me as much beer as I could drink as an incentive. He also described it as “the best sleeping experience I have ever had on a boat – ever!”

Jeremy Rocket – Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race 2006
Nicola Finan – Circumnavigator in Clipper 2005/06 Race

“Just finished helming in a blizzard – wicked fun! The worse is getting out of your bunk and into cold damp clothes.”

“The sleeping quarters is the coldest place (it feels warmer on deck) and all the bunks are damp – Thank God for the Ocean Sleepwear sleeping bag.”

Nicola Finan – Cardiff Clipper
Mike Sanderson – ABN Amro One Skipper
Volvo Ocean Race

“For sure one of our highlights from this programme has been our fleece lined sleeping bags and fleece pillow cases. The difference this made to life in general on board is just night and day.

The 97-98 race was famous for re-lighting the Code 0 sail; I think the fleecy pillow could be seen as one of the great break through’s of 2005/6 Volvo Ocean race.”

Mike Sanderson – ABN Amro One skipper, Volvo Ocean Race
Dave Powys – Ericsson Racing Team Manager,
Volvo Ocean Race

“We heard about Ocean Sleepwear bags while in the UK preparing our yacht so we made sure we took delivery of a set of bags before before sailing down to our training base in Vigo.

The guys will be giving 110% on deck so they need to have good rest while off-watch – the choice of Ocean Sleepwear was obvious! The crew are all suitably impressed with both the boat and the bags.”

Dave Powys – Ericsson Racing Team Manager
Beccy Lock – Clipper 2005/06 Race

Many Clipper crew choose Ocean Sleepwear for their circumnavigation. Beccy Lock used her bag during Clipper training, the race itself and for racing onboard her regular offshore yacht.

“I’m a cold little morsel and I was toasty-warm in my Ocean Sleepwear bag. The bag is incredibly comfortable and there’s enough room to move around inside unlike normal sleeping bags. The pillowcase is really handy for stuffing a fleece into and making into a makeshift pillow. It was great to be cocooned from all the condensation dripping off the bulkheads and the wet sails piled up next to me.”

Beccy Lock – Clipper Race 2005/06
Ollie Hicks – Ocean Rower Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans

Ollie Hicks became the youngest person to row the Atlantic single-handed on the 28th September 2005 he rowed a total of 3,967 miles in an amazing 123 days in his boat Ms Olive. Ollie was very glad to take an Ocean Sleepwear bag, as the crossing took much longer and was much wetter than the planned 60 days at sea.

“Thanks for the bag, it was excellent. The boat was like a swamp, but the bag kept me dry & warm always.”

Ollie Hicks – VIrgin Transatlantic Row
Lia Ditton – Offshore sailor
OSTAR Transatlantic Race

In May 2005 Lia Ditton was one of only three women to enter the OSTAR Transatlantic race. Her 34 foot trimaran, shockwave, was extreme and described as a real weapon! Lia used the bag on her 500 mile qualifier and sent this report:

“In the bitterest part of the night, my OS sleeping bag was the greatest comfort; Like curling up with a giant fleecy teddy bear. Even while in my damp drysuit, I was able to stay warm, because OS sleeping bags are impervious to the wet. I would not dream of going offshore without one!”

Lia Ditton OSTAR Transatlantic Race
Robert Hoeve – Ocean Fours
Atlantic Rowing Record Attempt

In May 2005 the Ocean Fours will attempt to break a world record by rowing across the Atlantic in less then 55 days from New York to the Scilly Islands. After this journey they plan to row to their home city Rotterdam. Currently in training crew member Robert Hoeve reports:

“I can tell you that the bags are excellent, & are very comfy! We have only used the complete three layer system so far, as it has been very cold on our training trips in the North Sea. We have tried them out and not managed to get them wet yet which is really good, as they just worked fantastic… we did some tests with the boat and sleeping bags when we had some water in the cabin – I hope it will stay that good as it was still perfectly dry inside the sleeping bags!!!”

Robert Hoeve – Ocean Fours Atlantic Rowing Attempt
Oryx Quest 2005, round the world non stop yacht race for maxi multihulls, starting and finishing in Doha Qatar. Organised by British yachtswoman Tracy Edwards MBE Doha 2006

Brian Thompson, chose to equip each hull of his catamaran with six bags all of different colours so crew could quickly identify their own bag by colour. Crew member Paul Larson commented;

“Perhaps they are too comfortable. Who wants to go up on a cold, wet and windswept deck when you’re all perfectly warm and cosy down below? We’re supposed to be giving the impression that we’re doing it hard out there… Not in those bags!! The bags were great and will be included and highly recommended for any future trips. I spoke to the guys off Daedelus and they had old bags from The Race. They spent alot of time well south and suffered due to wet and cold bags in a very wet hull. They would have sold grandmothers for a set of these!”

Paul Larson – Oryx Quest 2005
Conrad Humphreys – Hellomoto
Vendee Globe 2004/5

“My sleeping bag is still the best companion on the boat. You should include them on your inventory and insist that they need one in the race rules! Best bit of safety kit I have – last night it was minus ten & I was soaked and freezing until I got into your bag…. Cheers!”

Conrad Humphreys – 20th December 2004 Deep in the Southern Ocean
Alex Johnston – Yacht 2041 Mission Antarctica 2000/02

“I had heard of the special sleeping bags that Teamspirit had for the race, and after seeing one, did not even contemplate spending 8 months on a yacht in Antarctica without having one. I found it to be perfect onboard in the yacht environment, being both extremely warm and hard wearing. When the heating failed only myself & Andy were really were warm in our Ocean Sleepwear Bags”

Alex Johnston – Yacht 2041 Mission Antarctica 2000/02
Jeff Overfield – Teamspirit
BT Global Challenge 2000

I found my Ocean Sleepwear bag to be warmer with less clothing, actually. Even on Southern Ocean legs I wore only a Musto thermal base layer. I washed the inner bags at each stopover, which was very easy, as I was able to machine wash and dry. Overall, I would rate the bag very highly. I plan on using it for years to come on my own boat.

Jeff Overfield – Teamspirit – BT Global Challenge 2000
David Becket – Teamspirit
BT Global Challenge 2000

The condensation was dripping off the bulkheads onto my bag, but it kept the inside dry. I used to look forward to getting into my bag and I found it very warm. All in all, a top piece of kit and I am sure the Southern Ocean would have been more miserable without it!

David Becket – Teamspirit BT Global Challenge 2000

I only used the two layers in the Southern Ocean and one elsewhere BUT always kept the outer in use. Certainly worth having and I was pleased I had it.

Chris Mclaren – Teamspirit BT Global Challenge 2000
Conrad Humphreys – Skipper LG Flatron BT Global Challenge 2

We Knew that condensation would be a problem on the yacht, so as part of our preparation we sourced bivy bags for the whole crew to use over their sleeping bags. They were very successful and I would certainly use them again.”

Conrad Humphreys – Skipper LG Flatron BT Global Challenge 2000