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Waterproof Microfleece Pillowcases


Warm and comfortable, the 100% waterproof fabric liner with fully taped seams keep a precious pillow dry. Quick drying microfleece outer layer provides a comfortable place to rest a weary head!

Available in 2 sizes:
Regular 30cm x 40cm
Large     50cm x 70cm

Wet hair and salt water result in pillows that never dry properly and quickly smell damp. Needed is a comfortable, yet practical pillowcase for the wet conditions typical of an ocean racing bunk!

Ocean Sleepwear waterproof microfleece pillowcases have a 100% waterproof lining complete with fully taped seams, and a warm quick drying microfleece outer layer that gives superb comfort and a cosy place to rest a weary head.

The pillowcase is sealed with a laser cut waterproof zip covered by a microfleece flap, so no compromise to comfort.

Some crew use spare warm clothes (maybe a fleece jacket) to form the pillow, safe in the knowledge that it will stay dry no matter what, other crew use a dedicated travel pillow. The pillowcase also provides a dry place for valuables like mobile phones!

Available in 2 sizes

Originally designed for the Volvo Ocean Race 2006

Weight N/A

Large – 50cm x 70cm, Regular – 30cm x 40cm