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Original Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping Bags


Original Ocean Sleepwear sleeping bags specifically designed for wet ocean racing. Generously cut mummy-shape with hood, they have a waterproof breathable outer-shell protecting 2 warm fibre-pile insulating layers and strong central non-lock coil zips for quick entry and exit. Available in 3 sizes and 5 distinctive colours.

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Sleeping in a  wet or damp sleeping bag is a miserable experience. A waterproof sleeping bag is essential on boats where condensation plus the ever-high risk of a soaking from an open hatch, wet foulies or a wet sail brought down below after a sail change are ever present dangers!

The waterproof-breathable outer layer of an Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping Bag made from 4oz Exeat is essential both for keeping water out and allowing your body’s own water-vapour to transpire.  The inner layers made from fibre-pile are equally warm when wet and feel immediately warm to the touch. Being a fabric rather than a filling and non-absorbant fibre-pile dries quickly.

Fast and smooth running No10 non-lock coil zips provide a quick entry and exit. The zips are placed centrally perfect for every bunk and whether sailing on port or starboard tacks. Zips open at both head and foot for those who like air to their feet.

The generously cut “mummy-shape” is perfect for getting comfortable in a big sea and provides a hood to protect your head.

All our sleeping bags have a rolling strap so they can be rolled up and secured neatly when not in use keeping out both rogue water and damp! There is also a hanging stap for airing on-deck.

While salt water environments are notoriously harsh an Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping bag can be expected to have a very long life with some simple maintenance and care.

Sleeping in an Original Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping Bag means the chances of staying dry and warm at sea are dramatically improved!

The Original Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping Bag comprises:

  • 1 x Outer waterproof breathable shell
  • 1 x Outer fibre-pile insulating layer
  • 1 x Inner fibre-pile insulating layer
  • 1 x Poly-cotton pillowcase
  • 2 x stuffsacks (2nd stuffsack is for storing inner fibre-pile bag when not in use)

Available in three sizes:

Short:   Crew height less than 1.62m (5’4″)
Regular: Crew height 1.63m – 1.87m (up to 6’2″)
Long:      Crew height 1.87m plus (over 6’2″)


Weight N/A

Short – Crew height less than 1.62m (5'4"), Regular – Crew height 1.63m – 1.87m (up to 6'2"), Long – Crew height 1.87m plus (over 6'2")


Black, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow