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Volvo Ocean Race Sleeping Bag

Volvo Ocean Race Sleeping Bag

Volvo Ocean Race Sleeping BagVolvo Ocean Race Sleeping BagVolvo Ocean Race Sleeping BagVolvo Ocean Race Sleeping Bag

Volvo Ocean Race Sleeping Bag

The Volvo Ocean Race bag is the biggest waterproof marine sleeping bag available. It is large, rectangular and all layers are independently removable for maximum flexibility. Here is the detailed specification:

Shape, Size and Construction: Large Rectangular shape with side zip allowing the bag to open out flat to become a bunk blanket in hot weather. Extra long size to cope with all crew sizes and when hot bunking Full Length 2-Way Separating zippers so the bag can open flat or just open at the foot to allow air to the feet. “Burstable” zippers. Non-locking so the bags open without the need to grab the zipper tab itself – for a quick exit!

Protective Shell: Waterproof breathable 4oz Exceat fabric outer layer providing a tough and durable barrier to moisture. Treated with a breathable fluorocarbon coating and fully tape-sealed to prevent wicking through stitch holes. The VOR bag has a full length storm flap to prevent water ingress through the zip, velcro prevents water getting close. This bag is designed to get right down into and has a fully close-able overlapping head, an elasticated drawstring keeps the flap in place.

Outer Fibre pile Insulation Layers: 2x layers of 10mm Dense Weave Pile providing a luxurious feel while keeping an insulation layer of air next to the skin. Generous 10cm shoulder baffle to reduce heat loss.

Inner Microfleece Insulation: This is light and cosy for warmer climates. The layers are added to and stripped from the inside of the bags. Given the hot-cold-hot VOR route, the microfleece layer lies next to be the outer shell

More design detail: A Velcro rolling-strap allows the bags to be rolled away when not in use. The hanging strap at the foot is for securing the bag when it is aired on deck. Volvo Ocean Race Bags come with two stuff sacs, one large for the whole system, one smaller to store the inner bags when not in use, of course both stuff sacks make useful storage when not in use! To help identify individual crew bags, every bag has clear plastic name pocket to allow easy marking for identification and is available in 5 colours. Ocean Sleepwear Bags are machine washable in a regular domestic washing machine



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Volvo Ocean Race bags are made to order so there is a choice of colour. If buying for a full crew there are clear advantages to buying a range of colours.


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