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All Terrain Lowers

All Terrain Lowers

All Terrain LowersAll Terrain LowersAll Terrain LowersAll Terrain LowersAll Terrain LowersAll Terrain LowersAll Terrain Lowers

All Terrain Lowers

The inspiration of ocean rower Richard Wood, our All Terrain Lowers were designed when, having acquired a Tramper buggy mid-winter it was the weather, not his enthusiasm, that was curbing his activities. A re-design of the Ocean Sleepwear Bag followed and this is the result:

Shape: Curved to a sitting form All Terrain Lowers are designed for seated activity. The front panel is the same width from the top to the foot of bag making the zips lie flat and at the same time keeping the top of the zip clear and easy to reach. The zips are not right on top of the bag, that way any puddles of water that collect on the drivers lap cannot find their way in through the zip and into the bag. And the zips are not too far down the side of the bag (which in the first design made the zips buckle and difficult to reach). The zips are protected from the rain by storm flaps.

Outer Shell: The front panel is made from waterproof breathable 4oz Exeat fabric. The foot and back of the Lowers are made from a strong waterproof breathable material particularly resistant to abrasion to cope with wear and tear. The whole outer shell has fully taped seams.

Insulating Layers: There are three removable insulating layers. A microfleece layer which can be used alone with the outer shell in the summer. And two warm fibre-pile layers which during colder months all work together to provide very effective thermal insulation. In the unlikely event that the fibre pile gets wet it is among the best fabrics for staying warm and dries again reasonably quickly. The layers can be washed individually at 30 degrees in a domestic washing machine.

Full Length Zips: Two full length YKK No 10 zips run the full length of each side for durability, and smooth fast running.

Big Front Pockets x 2: The All Terrain Lowers have 2 big front pockets. The main pocket has a large gusset, is secured with velcro and protected by a storm flap. The inner-pocket has a zip for storing valuables.

Adjustable & Removable Shoulder Straps: Fully adjustable and completely detachable shoulder straps with a simple “flap-back-onto-velcro” design. These are particularly useful when the All Terrain Lowers are used with just a single layer.

Removable Foot Lining: To keep the All Terrain Lowers clean and tidy, the foot contains a sturdy removable, washable lining. The foot-liner can be wiped clean while still in the Lowers, or removed for a more thorough clean.

More design detail: The Lowers have 6 attachment loops, 3 on each side which can be used to secure the Lowers to the vehicle so it stays firmly in position while the driver gets on and off. The rolling strap is provided for easy packing, but also serves to keep the head of the bag closed when it is on the vehicle but not occupied. The Lowers are supplied with a large stuff sack for storing either individual layers or the whole bag when not in use. This product rated VAT Zero.



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The All Terrain Leg Bag is available in three sizes:




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A tough black waterproof breathable fabric is used on the back and seat of the All Terrain Leg Bag. Contrast this with your choice of colour on the front panel:


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