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All Terrain Handlebar Mitts

All Terrain Handlebar Mitts

All Terrain Handlebar MittsAll Terrain Handlebar MittsAll Terrain Handlebar Mitts

All Terrain Handlebar Mitts

Warm hands are absolutely essential to the enjoyment of driving. Cold hands just ruin an otherwise great day out! While these handlebar mitts are ultra-warm, no compromise has been surrendered to their functionality. Here is the detailed specification:

Protective Shell: The outer shell is made from the same fabric as the seat of the Leg-Bag. It is a tough and durable barrier to water, the mitt has fully tape-sealed to prevent "wicking" through stitch holes. This shell is waterproof.

Insulation: Made from a non-woven high loft fabric and lined with micro-fleece. The lining provides a luxurious feel while the core insulation traps air to provide warmth.

Cuff: The hand enters the mitt through a softly stiffened cuff. Slim fit and slippery, just the one hand is required to don this handlebar mitt, it is designed to slide easily up under the driver's coat sleeve. When rain pours down the arm, it runs over and not inside the mitt. Soggy hands are a thing of the past!

Neck: While velcro allows the handlebar mitt to be secured to the handlebars, a waterproof baffle keeps out the weather. The baffle is designed to be sufficiently thin to allow the driver to sensitively operate Tramper controls.

More design detail: These mitts are not "handed" so can be bought individually or as a pair. Reflective tape runs along the leading edge of the mitt for extra safety.

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